*Note. All the projects are written in pure Java and you can run them under any system that supports Java Runtime Environment.
You can redistribute this software and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE).

Universal Database Viewer


Current version is 1.1b
JavaFiler is a file manager . It supports all the basic actions with files, such as copying, deleting, renaming. Search utility is in-built, you can search by giving file/directory name (wildcard '*' possible), creation date, file size or particular symbol(s) that the file must contain. Use "Viewer" for file viewing(supports different codepages) and "Editor" for file editing. "Viewer" and "Editor" don't support large files, yet.

javafiler1.1b.tar.gz 180kb 190kb

Universal Database Viewer

Current version is 1.0a
Universal Database Viewer(UDBV) is an utility for database browsing. It provides a simple interface for viewing any data you like. For example, there is a database on your or remote system and you need to browse its contents but you don't have/don't want to have/don't like the client-side software for viewing this database. In this case you can use UDBV . The only thing you need is JDBC driver for the database. But most users get screw with this drivers. Carefully read readme file and other docs if necessary.

universaldbviewer1.0a.tar.gz 42kb 45kb

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